HiFly In the Sky
Digital Manufacturing

In order to implement and complete the quality improvement and supply chain management capabilities of the group's "quality upgrade strategy, supply chain development strategy, listing and organizational governance optimization strategy", the company actively promotes the construction of the "digital workshop, future factory" project, covering All production links from design, proofing, cutting, procurement, production, packaging, warehousing and logistics, including CAD system, 3D fitting system, PDM system, SCM system, WMS system, APS system, automatic cutting, MES system, GST action Time analysis system, suspension system, back-end packaging and other subsystems, through the use of big data, 5G, edge computing, cloud platform and other technical means to create a large-scale flexible production online cloud factory. At the same time, increase the upgrading and upgrading of automation equipment, such as template application, visual AI application, automation equipment transformation, AGV intelligent logistics, automatic sorting, automatic ironing, automatic packaging, etc. Realize design digitization, production intelligence, and management coordination through the digital transformation and upgrading of the workshop.