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Testing Center

Ningbo Hexiang Quality Technology Service Co., Ltd. was formally established in March 2011 and is an independent legal entity. Before its establishment, it was the textile testing center laboratory of Seduno Group Co., Ltd., which was affiliated to Seduno Group Co., Ltd. and was a non-independent legal entity. Over the years, the laboratory has provided a large number of accurate, reliable and timely test reports for the factories and customers of the group, which has won widespread trust. The confirmation of the new legal status has further enhanced the credibility of the society. The company has a building area of 360 square meters, including office space of 60 square meters and laboratory area of 300 square meters, with a constant temperature and humidity laboratory area of 30 square meters that meets the requirements of the textile secondary standard atmosphere. It has more than 70 sets (sets) of testing instruments and testing equipment: advanced Agilent gas mass spectrometer, liquid mass spectrometer, atomic absorption analyzer, Housefeild universal powerful machine, etc. The equipment is worth more than 5 million yuan. It can basically meet the needs of product testing, research and development, application, and physical and chemical testing and analysis of textile products.