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Seduno Group Co, Ltd. was founded in May 1994 and currently employs more than 11,000 people. The company has two import and export companies, six industrial production enterprises, a domestic marketing company with its own brand, four overseas companies in Hong Kong, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Vietnam, and a textile quality technology service company.

Since its establishment 27 years ago, the company has adhered to its main clothing business and continued steady development. It has now developed into a group enterprise integrating international trade, independent brand marketing, and clothing production. The company is committed to standardization and modern management of product quality. It serves customers with a wide range of varieties, high quality and good service. Its annual production capacity is more than 80 million pieces. Its products are exported to the world. It has established in-depth strategic partnerships with many world-renowned clothing brands.

We focus on the group's new strategic guiding ideology of "secondary entrepreneurship, three major innovations, and tens of billions of enterprises", and take the construction of "innovative technology lion denou, digital intelligent creation lion denou, green ecological lion denou, and fashion culture lion denou" as the new strategic guiding ideology. Positioning the company and forming a blueprint for the "331" five-year strategic plan, supported by "listing strategy, talent and cultural strategy, and sustainable development strategy", driven by "lean and quality strategy, R&D innovation strategy, and digital intelligence strategy". With "international and domestic dual expansion and brand strategy" as the pillar, we will strive to build the world's most competitive knitwear "intelligent" manufacturer.

The company's economy continues to develop steadily and has been rated as one of Ningbo's top 50 taxpayers for 16 consecutive years. Over the years, the company has successively been awarded as "National Advanced Unit for Textile Harmonious Enterprise Construction", National "Double Love and Double Evaluation" Advanced Enterprise, "Zhejiang Province Advanced Enterprise for Creating Harmonious Labor Relations", Zhejiang "Integrity Enterprise", "National Top 100 Apparel Industry" "Enterprise", "China's Top 500 Textile and Apparel Enterprises with Competitiveness", "China's Top 100 Textile and Apparel Enterprises in Main Revenue" and "China's Textile and Apparel Industry Top 100 Exporters" and Ningbo Mayor Quality Award and other honorary titles and awards.

"Dapeng rises with the same wind in one day, and soars for 90,000 miles." Building a great cause is like drawing a grand plan, accumulating thick and thin, never ending, courage and courage are indispensable. Over the years of development, Lion Dannu's blueprint has been completed. The Seduno people are united and concentrated, dedicated and striving to build the company into a corporate community of shared future with excellent culture, economic benefits and social responsibility.

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